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Ceron on the Issues


I believe in an Oklahoma where any man or woman can get a job and provide for his or her family. I believe in investing in our communities, our state, and ourselves. I believe in continuing to make Oklahoma a state where businesses and entrepreneurs can thrive. To ensure a prosperous Oklahoma for our children and future children, I will promote and support all pro-business policies, as well as speak out against the needless regulations that adversely affect so many small and local businesses in our state. We must also continue to invest in our infrastructure, which is not only critical to our state, but also creates jobs in the process. All of these things will help build a stronger Oklahoma, that all of our families can prosper in. And if I am elected, I will not rest until every Oklahoman has the opportunity to get a job and provide for themselves and their family. 

Veterans and Active Military 

Growing up hearing the stories of my great-grandfather and grandfather, who served in WWII and Vietnam respectively, I have developed a deep respect for our veterans and active military personnel. And now that I have had many of my dear friends enlist and be deployed over seas, that deep respect I have for our veterans and active military members will translate into policies that support the brave men and women who serve and have served our great country.


For too long teachers in Oklahoma have been undervalued, and have not received the respect or support they deserve. The leaders of the Oklahoma Department of Education have no knowledge of business practices, and continue to waste money on resources that do not help teachers or students. For example, over half of our states educational employees are non-teaching or administrative personnel. This is because over the past ten years Oklahoma has continued to hire administrative positions at almost three times that of teaching positions, even while we have had a shortage of qualified teachers. If we start tackling the education problem with a business approach, we can begin to get rid of wasteful spending, and we can finally give teachers the pay they deserve and the resources students need to succeed. And all of this can be done without raising taxes on hard working Oklahomans, if we begin to take a closer look at just where our tax dollars are going. But most importantly, if I am elected I will listen to every and any idea on how to improve our education system, because I truly believe our state's success begins with our children receiving a quality education.

Community and Leadership

We need someone who will stand up and fight for our traditional family values at the Capitol. We need someone who will defend the Constitution, and all the unalienable rights we are entitled to. And we need someone who will fight for our God given rights that we Oklahomans love. I plan on being that someone who defends our great Oklahoman values from any possible threat they may face.

2nd Amendment

As a proud member of the National Rifle Association, I support the right for every American to arm and defend themselves, their property, and their family. If elected, I vow to vigorously defend your right to bear arms, as well as every other right our country's great Constitution bestows upon us.   

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